The Vegan Pledge

I’ve taken The Vegan Pledge.  From 1st – 28th February I’ll be “a Vegan”.  At least I’ll be eating as a Vegan.  I figure that if I can get the food side of things sorted, then other aspects will follow, if I decide to embrace this philosophy and lifestyle full time.  I’ve been assigned a “Vegan Mentor”, who’s already been in touch by email to say hello and offer support.  Her name is Coral and she likes cocoa nibs and molasses.  I like sweet, milky chocolate.  There will have to be some tastebud re-education over the coming weeks.  I am full of trepidation, but I’ve some good reasons for this venture, and the colourful new recipes I’ve tried out recently have got me excited about eating more veg.  So, here I go…!