OK.  It’s happened too many times now to just be a coincidence.  The curly kale dream.  In the past month or so, as I’ve been trying out a variety of foods in the run up to going Vegan, I’ve made a number of dishes using curly kale, which is an ingredient I’ve not used much before.  The kale has either been lightly cooked, as in last night’s Colcannon, or raw, in a salad.  Each time, it’s been delicious, but the following night has brought exceptionally vivid dreams, with a slightly hallucinogenic quality to them, and a feeling that my brain is more active during the night, even though I’m sleeping.  It hasn’t only happened to me either; Dan has them too.  They involve quite elemental things, sex and death, and wild and fantastical happenings – last night’s example from Dan being a clear out of rubbish at work resulting in the construction of a theme park quality rollercoaster made from junk and clutter.  Is this an ingredient to be used with care? I would be very interested to hear about others’ experiences.  If you’ve anything to share, please get in touch.