I enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Now, yesterday at dinner (the wonderful dinner cooked by friends for which I’m 100% grateful and do not wish to detract from in any way – hence the separate post) I was offered a glass of pink Cava and a toast was proposed.  There was a good reason for this toast which is not mine to blog about.

It was an “Is it Vegan? What do I do?” moment.  The first one really, since, up to this point in the week I’ve been pretty much in control of what I eat and drink.  I’d heard on the grapevine (mmm, yes, I know…) that not all wines are Vegan.  This is due to the processing they go through, not the actual ingredients, but I didn’t know much about it.

When that moment arrived, part of me felt like I should refuse the drink.  I had no means of checking whether it was Vegan or not, and therefore couldn’t be sure.  On the other hand, I was enjoying the experience of a good meal with an old friend and some new ones, and wanted to be part of that moment.  I also wanted a glass of wine, because I felt like celebrating, celebrating how I was feeling, celebrating their company.

I didn’t spend long deciding, and opted to have a glass and savoured every drop.

Just in case it wasn’t Vegan, I didn’t go back for seconds.

Today I’ve been doing a bit of research.  As it turns out, there are quite a few gruesome things used in the wine-making process, including the bladders of fish.  This is disappointing to say the least.  More so for the fish than for me.  If you’d like to know more, this website seems to be quite informative http://www.barnivore.com/.

Do I regret my decision?  No, not really.  It was the right one for that moment.  Does that mean I’m not a Vegan?  I suppose you could say I chose to shut down my conscience in the name of pleasure and didn’t follow up the question I really needed to answer.  Well, I’m a learning Vegan.  Would I do differently next time?  Yes, probably.  Next time I’ll probably grab the nearest person with a smart phone and get them to look it up, and stick to fruit juice and water if I can’t find out, but we’ll see.  At the moment every meeting with others involves Vegan conversations and I don’t want to become a bore.  I can imagine there are sometimes going to be moments where participating feels to be of value, with good to be gained from it.  Will I always, 100%, choose the Vegan option over the moment?  Right now, I’m not sure.

In the meantime, I’m going to make a note of a few Vegan alcoholic options.  Post your suggestions here!