So, I apologise for the banality of things on here recently and the fact that for the past few days this blog has been nothing but a food diary (the one bit I’m determined to keep up, so I can get my food intake commented on by a nutritionist if necessary).  It’s because I’ve been helping Dan out over the half-term holiday while he’s got his five-year-old son staying.

Being an additional adult in the life of someone else’s child provides plenty of food for thought, and not much time for thinking about food.  The past couple of days have been a bit of a blur and there was a moment when I caught myself accidentally licking my Nutella-smeared fingers after serving up a snack.

Pancake Day was a success however.  The Vegan pancake batter, made from flour, soya milk, oil and cinnamon would have done just fine for the non-Vegans, although we made two batches just in case.  It’s not hard to think of Vegan pancake fillings and it was a lot of fun.

As I write now I’ve got a five-year-old boy hanging over my shoulder asking what this dashboard page is all about.  We’ve got a card game to play, so I have to go.