It’s been hard getting the nutrients in today!

In the morning it was my fault.  I lazed in bed for an extra 20 minutes, which meant that I didn’t have time to make and eat a lovely Quinoa and Apple breakfast bowl I had planned to have, and ended up eating my banana and apple ‘on the run’ on the way into work.  Not a good start to the day, but I can’t blame that on anybody else.  This is typical of me, and one of the reasons why my eating had got pretty unbalanced prior to this Vegan experiment.  I can see it’s not a useful character trait for being a Vegan, because if you don’t organise, you don’t eat.  At least I didn’t give up and eat junk food instead.

So, then to lunch.

We had a training event at work today and I’d put in a request for a Vegan lunch.  I was feeling quite optimistic and looking forward to my lunch.  We’re a big university, and, having booked catering for other events myself, I know that the Catering Dept. are used to providing meals for ‘specific dietary requirements’.  I was in for a let-down, however.  First, the promised lunch did not arrive with the other food, which meant a trip to the kitchen to find out what had happened and order another one.  Then, when the food finally did arrive, it was a plain baked potato with a pile of raw salad ingredients next to it.  Very disappointing.  This left me feeling somewhat nutritionally deprived (especially after my spartan breakfast) and also feeling isolated from the group I was with, for I was the only one with ‘special requirements’ and kicking up a fuss about my food.  It did, however, lead to a good conversation with a colleague I hadn’t known very well before who was an ex-Vegan, still eating a lot of vegelicious meals, and had lots of tips and info to share.  I ate my lunch and then spent the rest of my lunch hour completing the online ‘feedback form’ to the Catering Manager and sending them a couple of suggestions for salad recipes.  I didn’t like doing these things because I don’t like ‘standing out from the crowd’ and asking to have my needs taken seriously, but needing to eat is a pretty big motivation for that, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing that I learn.

Back at my desk I’ve been nibbling on nuts and sipping on almond milk in an effort to get a bit of protein.  Tea will be out of my control this evening as well, so fingers crossed for that meal….

On the bright side, I’m feeling pretty well today, and I’m just glad I didn’t find myself in the path of a meteor this morning, so things aren’t bad at all 🙂