Saturday 2nd February

On waking – tea with almond milk


Museli with almond milk and chopped kiwi fruit

2 slices of toast, one with Marmite and one with p-nut butter

Coffee with almond milk


Lemon & Ginger tea


A stick of celery

Quite a few dates


Steamed asparagus with non-dairy ‘butter’

Wholegrain basmati rice with spices and chopped tomato

Red grape juice


Tamale Pie from the ‘Colour Me Vegan’ cookbook (a bit like a Mexican version of ‘Shepherd’s Pie’, made with beans, sweetcorn and vegetables, topped with polenta)

Colcannon from the ‘Colour Me Vegan’ cookbook (made with potato, curly kale, garlic, onions and non-dairy ‘butter’

More dates

A coffee with almond milk

Sunday 3rd February


3 slices toast

Baked beans

Fried mushrooms

Grilled tomatoes

Tea with almond milk

Half a red grapefruit with a sprinkling of muscovado sugar

Mid-morning: Black coffee


Salad of chopped bell peppers and baby spinach leaves

Carrot batons

Houmous on 2 x medium sized baked potato – skin crisped with olive oil and salt


Wasn’t very hungry so snacked on pistachios, dried apricots, and ate 2 of the Oat/Banana/Date cookies (recipe from ‘Colour Me Vegan’) that I’d made.

In the evening I drank both fruity and chamomile teas and ate another of the cookies.