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I’m still feeling poorly today.  Had a bad night with cramping stomach pain.  Not sure if this is just bad luck, but suspect it’s due to having eaten more vegetables in the past 4 days than I’d eaten in the previous 4 weeks – or something like that.  I’m gingerly sipping peppermint tea and hoping things will stabilize.

Maybe I’ve just eaten too much.  Here’s what I ate yesterday:-


Beans on toast (2 slices wholemeal)

A fruity tea


A variety of nuts and dried fruits

A decaf instant coffee with almond milk


Leftover Tamale Pie from Saturday 

Dried Apricots



Redbush Tea


When I got in, which was quite late, I ate one of the homemade banana/oat/date cookies I’d made on Sunday and also some p-nut butter.

I could have had more leftovers, but didn’t fancy them, so made soup from parsnips, carrots, onions, chickpeas, cumin and coconut milk.  It didn’t look very appealing, but it tasted pretty nice.  I ate this much later than normal (around 9.30) and was in bed by 11p.m.  

I woke up at 2.15a.m. with stomach pains, which kept me awake for most of the rest of the night until I had to get up at 6.45.  Although I get indigestion occasionally, it’s not a common experience for me.  I wonder if I did something wrong in my cooking which made the food disagree with me.  I’m normally a pretty good cook I think.

I’m feeling a bit glum about it all today, but I’ve reminded myself I’m doing this for good reasons, and I’ll be sticking at it.  My Vegan Mentor has been really encouraging and I’m glad to have her support.

I’m looking forward to getting my appetite back and trying out some more recipes.  I’ll try to get some photos up on here too.


The Vegan Pledge

I’ve taken The Vegan Pledge.  From 1st – 28th February I’ll be “a Vegan”.  At least I’ll be eating as a Vegan.  I figure that if I can get the food side of things sorted, then other aspects will follow, if I decide to embrace this philosophy and lifestyle full time.  I’ve been assigned a “Vegan Mentor”, who’s already been in touch by email to say hello and offer support.  Her name is Coral and she likes cocoa nibs and molasses.  I like sweet, milky chocolate.  There will have to be some tastebud re-education over the coming weeks.  I am full of trepidation, but I’ve some good reasons for this venture, and the colourful new recipes I’ve tried out recently have got me excited about eating more veg.  So, here I go…!

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