I originally posted this earlier today, but mysteriously disappeared.  Here it is again.

One thing I can say with conviction about this Vegan month is that is has made me hyper-aware of how much poor quality food there is out there, while, at the same time, my appetite for wholesome food has increased.

 I came through town this morning hungry, having not managed to have breakfast before I left the house (again… yes, I know…) and I was craving bread, not soft rolls (“Oven Bottoms” or “Barm Cakes” as they’re known around these parts), but proper bread, the ‘nutty’ kind you can get your teeth into.  I was having fantasies about finding a baker’s shop and getting bread warm from the oven, hot-crusted and still a bit steamy.

 Was there any to be found?

 Not that I could see.

 ‘Greggs’  (the ‘bakers’)  are on practically every street in Manchester, as are mini-marts of every conceivable brand, but these don’t sell ‘real’ bread.  I even checked out the Tesco bakery counter for fresh rolls, but they hadn’t got any in at that time.

 I was defeated in my search, and ended up eating Wasabi peanuts, which were probably quite highly processed, although the ingredients appear to be Vegan.  When you’ve made it your mission to find good food, it becomes abundantly apparent that you have to go to ‘specialist’ shops for it, or do it yourself.  How have we ended up in this situation?  That’s hardly an original question at this time, I know, but I have to re-iterate it and add it to the general swell of discontent in the media sea.

 I am sick of processed things, sick of packaging, sick of having to fight, and compromise, to find the time to shop for and cook good food.  I want to get my hands dirty, breathe the scent of something real and chew on food with texture that breaks across my tongue.